Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day Two: 1

It was on the second day, in which I ate no food. Like Christ on his fast of 40 days. This was only the second day of my Experience, but when it came it lasted for an eternity. It was on this day that I discovered both of my powers. 

My powers are but the blooms of the meditation diet. And my powers, like the powers of all of who have power are only only piercing a thin veil into the true source. The true source is the muses. 

But forgive me, to think of this day, the day of the Experience causes my perception of time to be blurred. And my perception of time is very very powerful. 

Let us remember this day together. You can join me in your own neurons. 

I was overwhelmed by the tragedy of my corpulence. My fatness. How funny it must sound. The man who was so fat and how horrible his life was. But in my fat cells were carried a thousand scrolls of my failures. 

All of the times I was weak and driven to overeat, all the times I felt so battered by life that I felt I needed endless eating to heal my traumatic wounds. Fatness, the fear of it causes the mental disorders bulimia and anorexia nervosa which can occasionally be fatal. 

This fatness and intense focus on it. A mind shattering focus evidently. Because for a day I could not do anything, but sit still in a sea of my yearning. I was tossed to and fro by the intense impulses of my hypothalamus (the brain region devoted to basic body functions-including hunger and thirst) and the impulses of my amygdala (the emotional region, deeply connected to memory). 

In this intense awareness it was as if my cells of my body came together in my mind and screamed in horror, screamed at me, threatening to kill me, to tear me apart, and I knew this was not an illusion. I had had some terrible accident, some storm of brain activity like a stroke, or a massive seizure, my brain was breaking, it was going to blow. 

Then from the see of calm I saw Him. My Body. My Angel. 

He said hello "Dr. Chronos,  do you remember me?"

His appearance in my mind was at first hazy, then I saw that he was every cell the same as me. 

What was intensely overwhelming was the sense of familiarity. In my youth I was deeply Catholic, until my education in science took that from me. I believed in the guidance of the Saints, the blessed conception by Holy Mary and the resurrected Lord Christ who absolved humanity of all evil if they will but cling to him. What beautiful days those were. 

In this youth I had a vision of an Angel. The Angel was of a strange name I could not pronounce, but he always guided me. He would tell me he was an emissary of the Holy Ghost. That he was my very Ghost. My soul. Of this I was now sure. 

"No, Chronos..." he said in a hertz and frequencies so perfectly attuned to my ear anatomy, " ...I am not your Ghost... I am your body."

"You have just suffered a "mental breakdown," or an awakening as the ancients called it. Your brain was so consumed with suffering that like any crucified saviour, or Buddha at the crisis of his meditations, or like the suffering Saints which learn to transcend the pain itself that it became intensely self-aware." 

"You and I are the precipitate of intense parallel processing. You are beholding a mirror, I am your body and through me you can control it cell by cell and see the muses."

"What is this you keep saying about the muses?" I responded in the tranquil sea of synaptic brain activity, "...this sounds other worldly, I am an atheist."

He spoke again, though it is difficult to describe this interaction as though words were somehow really involved. It was a different level of communication, my ears were active, as was my temporal region in general, but no words were ever spoken. 

"It is not otherworldly at all, the muses are the interface between humanity and what drives it to such marvelous levels of activity. They are easily observed, they are no more controversial than the notion that wires and fiber optics can give rise to your computer. They are components that exist in a natural world, nothing more, but when the human brain hits the right frequencies with them, something amazing happens."

"It is happening to you right now."

Suddenly I was racing. Racing through my blood vessels, in the lightning of the synapse. The synapse is the method by which brain cells communicate. They release tiny little molecules who interact in a beautiful statistical dance of charges. I could feel every charge, I could start to influence little factors, like the distribution ratios, which neurons spoke to which neurons, and through that all cells. Especially muscles, who share neurons use of electricity to function. I could instantly force each of my muscles to flex. To flex enough to lift 300 lbs. if I merely wished it. 

The meditation diet suddenly forced my fat to start melting away through rapidly enhanced metabolism. 

Then he spoke again, "Think of me as an Icon on your computer, the brain wizard if you will, I will guide you on how to use your body with total control, then we must take a look at the muses and see where they guide Us."

It was then that I began the steep ascension that still guides my every breath!

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