Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day Two: 2

"Behold the nanosecond!" Says to me my avatar. He indicates in my mindscape to another icon of an hour glass. 

He says to me, "This is our basal ganglia, it will help us see what you must to speak the language of our neurons."

"What is it that I need to see?" You need to see in nanoseconds, otherwise your full potential will never be realized."

I touched the hourglass, suddenly I became aware of the infinite divides to be found in a moment. It was as if I had slowed down time, always dividing by two the pace of the turtle which outruns Achilles in Xeno's paradox. Each moment divided into two moments, the two new moments divided into two new moments, and so forth in a self similar spiral that virtually allowed me to stop time. 

"We have not stopped time," says my avatar, "we are merely paying close attention to its passage."

"But even now we only see the tip of the iceberg, do you feel what you are doing?"

I did. I could feel it precisely, but as each moment I gained more and more control of the individual cells of my brain I found it more and more difficult to know how to communicate what I was experiencing. 

"I am harnessing the rhythms of firing in the basal ganglia regions of my brain, and enhancing the perception of small increments of time, I have reached a 300 millisecond threshold."

"300 milliseconds is not bad." responded the avatar, "you have divided each second into 3 major experiential units of time, you can see a thousand times more than the average person."

I suddenly went back to my eyes, and saw the world around me. I had already lost an incredible amount of weight from the intense work I had given my muscles. 

I saw the light pouring in beams in the streets around me, which I had been wondering around in throughout this whole experience. I could see cars moving as though they were slow elephants migrating across the savannah, I could see the texture of the tires as they spun. I looked and saw that all birds looked as though they were gliding. 

In my mind my Avatar spoke, "I will show you how to slow it down until you see the photons strike the surface."

Then I felt my hand upon the hourglass I had envisioned in my mind. I was absorbed by it, it was as if I was suddenly a grain of sand falling through it. Slowly crashing towards an ocean of sand, and as I struck the other grains I saw it. The great synapse. 

The synapse is the space in between two neurons. In this space all messages spoken by brain cells and nerve cells are sent. 

"How am I seeing this?" I asked. 

"You are experiencing it holistically, it is kind of like squinting your eyes so that the contrast becomes more prominent. We have tricked our basal ganglia into bringing us into a state where we are squinting our perception of time. Ironically, it is more like we have panned out than closed in, but here you are."

"Can you feel it?" he asked. 

I could. Countless little magnetic tugs, pulling this way and that. It was the charges surrounding me in the lagoon of thoughts, the neurotransmitter molecules spat out by one neuron to be lapped up by the next where all around me. Each one having its own unique electrical signal based on which regions of it lean positive or negative in charge. This difference of charges is how the neurons know which  neurotransmitters to consume and which to reject. 

"Focus!" shouted my Avatar! With great intensity. 

I looked at his face, it was as if it had been taken over by demons. Suddenly I had a brief moment of religious terror, I was wrong: God was real and I was in hell!

"NO!" Roared my Avatar. "FOCUS!"

He slapped my face, I felt all of my neurons shift. 

I looked at him and returned his rage. Suddenly were locked in a mutual desire for destruction, wrath, flowing in a continuous circuit between us. 

"YES!" He spoke as his eyes began to appear as if he were filled with light and it was pouring out, and suddenly I could see myself from his eyes, and I looked the same. 

"Now we feel them, are they not overwhelming and majestic?"

I could feel them. I could feel them tugging at my very existence, as if I was using them to hold my atoms together. This was a frightning realization as I was moving atoms at will, shifting the charges of my neurotransmitters, shifting the charges of the receptor channels of my brain cells to make them grab the neurotransmitters of my own choosing. I felt infinite power! But I was unaware of the source. 

"Yes you feel them, behold..... the muses!"

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