Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am blogging now with a pseudonym.

I love blogging and have done so historically, but this has threatened me in my professional life.

I belong to a proffession where unconventional and unorthodox thinking are perceived as a threat to stability and professionals are discouraged from voicing unorthodox opinions. Of greater concern my profession is one of the ones which has recently taken up the habit of spying on its employees and making sure they do nothing unseemly in the internet.

So I have created this blog so that I can continue to share my thoughts, unfiltered and unrestrained.

This will be an interesting exercise since I have generally used my blogging as a way to boost my own self image, to communicate who I am to people. Anonymity has never been my style.

This will be no more.

My true identity must remain a mystery. Enrique Recuero is the ubermensch who lives inside me, the triumphant voice of my will, eager to shout from the roof tops like a prophet. Only Enrique Recuero is not a prophet in the sense that he speaks for any God. There is no God.

The sooner we can move past the infantile fantasy that we have some caring father in the sky eager to cradle us like babies for eternity the better.

An elementary study of astronomy will reveal us that the sky is hostile to life and the further one strays into the cosmos, the more dilute the presence of life.

Life is here and now, and requires passion, courage, and a refined connection to the will.

All other practices of life are misfires, irresponsible wastes of consciousness, causing more drain on humanity then benefit.

Thus speaks Enrique Recuero.

My mighty pseudonym.

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